Three new assaults available now!

December 1, 2015

After many delays we finally have the second demo from SEX HEADACHE, and the debuts from EX.CREATOR and SKIN MOUNT now available. Punishing and suffocating power electronics/drone/HNW from all three acts. All three tapes are extremely limited, so act fast! In the STORE!

DRAATH "Black Slumber" Cassettes Available NOW!

September 28, 2015

Ritualistic black metal cacophony, DRAATH is the aural equivalent of suffocating in the descent to hell. Limited to 100 copies, pro-recorded tapes and inserts. In the STORE!

Please contact us about trades and wholesale!

Listen here:


June 14, 2015

SABBATH ASSEMBLY "Eno to Derotser" shirts are now in stock and shipping. You can see photos of the high quality print (3 color discharge print) below, and purchase them here: STORE!

DRAATH "Black Slumber" Cassette!

May 30, 2015

We are proud to announce we will be releasing the demo/debut from DRAATH, "Black Slumber". Draath play ritualistic and cold black metal chaos. "Black Slumber" was recorded in 2008 and is being released to the public now for the first time. Limited to 100 professionally duplicated cassettes with full color j-card insert. More news soon.



April 25, 2015

Been awhile, but we are happy to announce we are releasing an official SABBATH ASSEMBLY t-shirt. Featuring the Eno to Derotser artwork, these shirts will be a three-color discharge print (the ink dyes the shirt, so it is soft and smooth - no stiff ink spot or cracking/fading) on red Gildan brand shirts. *this is a pre-order and they will go to print in approximately three weeks.

In the STORE!

bloodshovel CD/Shirt OUT NOW!

February 9, 2015

Retrospective 1997-2000"16 tracks of unbridled punk/hardcore/grind played with a passion many bands cannot come close to harnessing. 6-panel Digipack with insert. In the STORE Shirts available too.

bloodshovel was a local band from Valdosta, Georgia that combined Hardcore, Grind, and punk with a DIY aesthetic like few others have since. If ever a band was soncially ahead of their time, bloodshovel was that band. They created a legacy among their friends and peers that thrives to this day. Their violent, cathartic live shows were unsurpassed in their intimacy and brutality. bloodshovel combined the ferocity of grindcore, the intriciate melodcism of indie, and the DIY, family bond of hardcore into a fevered and destructive force.


November 7, 2014

SWALLOWING BILE//REINFORCEMENT:PUNISHMENT is officially out and shipping now! All pre-orders will go out over the next few days. Thanks to everyone for their support. For those who did not pre-order, there are plenty of tapes left in the store now. Limited to 100 copies, all professionally recorded onto cassette with custom imprinting. Heavy card stock inserts.

RECLUSE Shirts and more Newss!

November 4, 2014

We have aligned with RECLUSE for a T-Shirt release. Recluse is pure embodiment of black metal torment and hatred. No more is necessary. Black shirts, silver ink; pre-order is up now in the STORE

Very sorry for the late delay (my day-job was hell today), but today is the Official release of the Swallowing Bile/Reinforcement:Punishment split... but of course there's a delay. Tapes should have been here yesterday, but there was a shipping delay. We cut this one down to the last minute. They will be here this week and all pre-orders will ship asap. You will get notifications when they do. Shirts are here for those that ordered them and they look great. Thanks for your support and patience.


September 27, 2014

Today, we announce November 4th as the release date for the split tape between Swallowing Bile, the heralded HNW/power electronics nom-de-plume of Ethan Ebeling, and Reinforcement:Punishment, the mysterious entity appearing out of the aether in 2012. Having made a name for himself over the last three years with devastating live shows across the northeastern United States and dropping demo after demo of absolutely obliterating harsh noise, Swallowing Bile has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Their track on this split, Brotherhood/United By Violence couples suffocating and violent walls of distortion against throat-shredding vocal oscillations. Swallowing Bile recounts the lore and lure of the 1980s HNW and PE scenes while invoking a modern spirit all their own. Reinforcement:Punishment is thunderously heavy, coming off their last demo, the dark and dense ANIMAL, and presents Crown & Disease 10 minutes of grinding and violent death-electronics and bone-crushing, oscillating noise. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Swallowing Bile/Reinforcement:Punishment split tape:
1) Swallowing Bile - "Brotherhood/United by Violence" [9:53]
2) Reinforcement:Punishment - "Crown and Disease" [8:33]

Limited to 100 copies on cassette, as well limited T-Shirt Bundles with Pre-order only: In the STORE now!

EBAUCHE NOIRE - Pochoir De Cendre OUT NOW!

September 2, 2014

AVAILABLE NOW! Ebauche Noire's debut, Pochoir De Cendre. Out now on cassette tape and including a woven Ebauche Noire logo patch, Pochoir De Cendre comprises two tracks with a total running time of nearly 43 minutes. Formed in 2013 from the ashes of Alienante Damnation, Ebauche Noire leaves behind the conventional, traditional black metal genre and brings forth new ideas in outstanding songwriting and interpretation. A unique journey through quietude, innocence, nostalgia, and evanescent essences, the two extended passages that make up Pochoir De Cendre drift through melancholic black metal moods and emotional catharsis. Spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist and black metal luminary Adrien Weber (Lord Genocide, Vociferian, Macabra, Alienant Damnation), Ebauche Noire is a new scion of cold and melodic post-black metal.



THE NOTHING - "Tombs of Nothing" C60

May 6, 2014

After a quiet couple of months we are proud to announce our next release, now available! Tombs of Nothing is exactly one hour of suffocating sonic destruction - pure sonic blasphemy from the deranged mind of the THE NOTHING. Presented in a noble clamshell box with case wrap art, as well as insert, this release stands as a scion of things to come: darker, darker, darker still.

Available now in the STORE Please contact for trades & wholesale.

MOVING SALE - Everything 50% off!.

February 13, 2014

We're moving to a new location next month and don't want to move the distro/label, so everything is half off until further notice. Lots of hidden gems in the archives so stock up. This includes all new OBVN releases as well! Use code "FIRESALE" upon checkout to apply the discount.

EDIT: SALE IS OVER, Thanks to all who took advantage!

Triumph, Genus T-shirts.

February 8, 2014

Official t-shirts for TRIUMPH, GENUS from the Czech Republic. Featuring the artwork from their debut album (IRON BONEHEAD Prods.) " Všehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících ". in the STORE now and will ship in about two weeks.

THREE NEW RELEASES! R:P, Diseased Peasant, Wasted Cum

January 13, 2014

After a couple months lingering in production purgatory, the three new cassettes from REINFORCEMENT|PUNISHMENT, Diseased Peasant, and Wasted Cum are now ready!

ANIMAL, by Reinforcement|Punishment is 27 minutes of punishing harsh power electronics, violent vocals, and eerie samples. Black shells, full color, doubled-sized insert.

Everything is in Your Head, but No One is There to Respond, by Diseased Peasant is 20 minutes of eerie and harsh black noise. . . total chaos and mindbending material. See promo below!

Wasted Cum's Pathetic Fucks is blown out, pushed-too-hard pornographic harsh noise; total static onslaught of perversion. Essential.

All three in the STORE now!

DISTRO CLEARANCE SALE!!! - Everythign 50% Off!

December 6, 2013

The time has come to thin out the proverbial herd. I have a lot of backstock distro shit and it needs to move. I want to focus more on OBVN releases and less on operating a distro for a little while. I am in no means closing the label or the distro, I just need to move some stock. I don't run a huge operation here, but this is a chance to get some quality shit dirt cheap. Lots of CDs and LPs to snag for next to nothing. The distro has slowed down immensely in the last few months, and I'm at least partly to blame; my work schedule does not provide me ample time to promote the label as I should and sales have been affected by it. I'd like to work on getting some new OBVN releases out and the distro stuff is just gathering dust. Act fast, I'm not sure how quickly stuff will move or how long I will run the sale. Spread this like AIDS.

The prices will not be changed in the store, but upon checkout click "apply discount code" and enter the code OBVNREDUX and the discount will be taken. Please EMAIL US with any questions.

VROKE - Collapsed Into the Chasms of Heaven CS OUT NOW!

AUGUST 25, 2013

After a couple of months lingering in purgatory, the initial offering from the mysterious VROKE has presented itself. Collapsed Into the Chasms of Heaven is two long tracks of suffocating and sullen funeral doom. We went all out on this one: full color inserts, slipcase with black/black print, red chrome tapes. Pick this one up and sink into your own hell. In the STORE.


AUGUST 25, 2013

Today the split onslaught from PSYWARFARE and MALWARE is officially out. 50 minutes of HNW/PE/Power tool abuse from this legendary act and infamous upstart. MALWARE is already making a name for themselves with a string of violent performances in the Cleveland area. This one is not to be missed. We are really pround of this one: black/black cards on heavy stock, black tapes with silver foil labels. Classy. To those that pre-ordered, you should have gotten a shipping confirmation this weekend. Shirt pre-orders will go out in a couple of weeks. They are with the printer now! The tape is in the STOREnow!

VOCIFERIAN Cassette compilation | Distribution

AUGUST 25, 2013

Really excited to be stocking this: The Iscariot Gospel, the new cassette compilation of VOCIFERIAN material, spanning the bands' entire catalog: a perfect release compiling all the most bestial pearls of the band from 2003 to 2013. Their purely METAL OF DEATH forged endeavors + the very last EP "HORNS OF ARMAGEDDON" & an EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED TRACK: "PANZERPHOMET" coming on the uncompromising analogic professional dubbed tape format (for diehards of the real underground)! General layout design by L.G., cover illustration by NORMAN TRINIDAD. A very limited selfproduction, get your copy fast! STOREnow!

PSYWARFARE / MALWARE Split CS and Shirt Pre-order

AUGUST 6, 2013

Legendary sonic terrorists PSYWARFARE and cleveland's torturous annihilation unit MALWARE team up to assault your senses with a brutal electronic onslaught. Featuring unreleased material from both acts. We will be releasing a limited t-shirt only to those who preorder. Shirts will be black on black, featuring the cover art. Tapes and shirts will go to press in about two weeks. ORDER NOW!

FATHER BEFOULED / MACABRA Split 7" now in stock!

AUGUST 6, 2013

Morbid Visions Music (USA) and Chalice of Blood Angel Productions (France) present an impure union between Belgian/American obscure death metal act, MACABRA, and unholy American death metal heavy-weights, FATHER BEFOULED. Each band contributes one exclusive hymn of desecration on bone-colored vinyl (limited to 300 copies) featuring layout by Ghoat (FATHER BEFOULED) and cover artwork collaboration between Mark Riddick (MACABRA) and famed Japanese death metal illustrator, Toshihiro Egawa.


JULY 5, 2013

Very proud to announce that the INTEGRITY shirts have arrived and came out fantastic. Orders are now shipping, and all sizes except for XL are available now in the store. All ending orders will receive a shipping confirmation email over the weekend.

NEW SITE, NEW NAME! Integrity Shirt!

JUNE 20, 2013

It's been a long time in the works, but after months of speculating and planning, we have decided to merge Archasm and the newly forged Supremacy Temple into one label. One portal, one store just makes more sense. Various releases will still bear the older logos, but be released under the Obscure Vanity banner.

As our first official release, OBVN001 will be a shirt from the mighty INTEGRITY. Designed by myself and officially licensed by the band, these are available in the store now! Printed on high quality Anvil Tagless shirts by Holy Mountain Printing. Available in S,M, L, XL.